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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Does God Exist?

There is no denying the fact that at some point of time in our lives, this question must have made a place in our thoughts, “does God exist?” Our forefathers have put in front of ourselves, a fixed perception of God, in the form of idols, in temples or in Gurudwaras, Churches and Mosques. Or we can say that we have been shaped by these customs to accept this given notion or perception of God as the Ultimate Truth.

But still, at the back of our minds, somewhere, this ambiguity has been lurking unresolved. We may believe it or not but our sub consciousness is still searching for the answer to this question. The aim of writing this blog is not to put another fixed notion of God’s existence but I am just trying to put forward my own perception, what according to me, is the true meaning of GOD. To put it in really simple terms, “God is the Goodness of Self.” IT is that shapeless, formless presence,  that Humanity, that Truth, that Power, that Knowledge, that brilliance of Light, within our own Self and that ray of positivity, we all are born with, is God.

Okay, let me try to elaborate further and try to explain what I really want to explain. We visit these sacred places, and without a shadow of doubt, visiting them provides us that peace of mind and that serenity and helps us to stick to the belief of some positive existence. But, would I be wrong in saying that praying to the idols and keeping a firm belief in them, is a way of believing in the ‘other’ rather than keeping the faith in the beauty of the ‘self’. For recognising the real ‘we’, the real ‘me’, the true ‘I’ through the light of the inner ‘eye’, it is important to listen to our inner voices before listening to the voice that the world is forcing us to listen. Or what I really mean to say is that one must recognise one’s true self that one is born with rather than identifying that ‘self’ through the ‘other.'

Through this, I just would like to cater my opinion by saying that visiting these sacred places, simply helps us to light more candles to the cake of humanity, we have already iced, with our goodness. “Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities,” yes! That is true! Goodness residing in our hearts and our soul is infinite but there is a need to recognise a bit of it in order to reach the infinite existence, which is God.

God is the beacon of light in the dark sea; It is the pinch of love that unites us into ‘we’. If God is wind’s mighty power, It is the soothing and refreshing rain shower. If God resides in our parent’s love, It is the ultimate truth and the true essence all above. If It is hidden in the bright, sunny ray of light, It is hidden in our self, in our own might. It is the mesmerising, breathtaking beauty of nature, it’s just a single glance that encourages us to give our own self, one other, just another chance. If it lies in the heights of the mountains, It lies in the depths of the sea.  

God lies in the nature and is constantly teaching us, “Be like the wind, Be me, Be free.” The perception of God is not necessarily and merely limited to visiting these sacred places. But undoubtedly, these places strengthen our belief in the Almighty. At the same time, it would be inappropriate to say that these places create/generate our vision in God.

We all need to generate that perception and that belief in God, from within the self, by believing in the power of truth and of course the goodness of self.  In other words, we need to build the pillars of this notion by believing in the power of self. Anything, anyone who helps us to listen to our inner voice and who enables us to walk again, to dream again and to live again, is the goodness and anyone that restores our faith in humanity is the God.  

God is the symbol of rejuvenation of life, it is an epitome of rebirth, and its essence lies in the hope, in the light of the sun, in the might of the sun. IT is that inspiration which helps us to breathe fresh, to breathe again and of course to live again. IT is that power which helps us to erase negativity so that a positive ray of hope is able to find its way. If it lies in the warmth of the daylight, IT lies in the calmness of night. The other name of unconditional love, the care and the affection is God. IT lies in the infinite beauty of little things. For instance,

  1. A small beam of light entering the dark room not only enlightens it but also clears our clouded vision is a sign that the darkness of life evades away instantly as we make way for another ray of hope in our lives.
  2. Similarly, even if the seeds get buried in the ground with the force of the strong wind, they will begin to germinate with the first shower of rain.
  3. The cozy warmth of the sun on a wintry morning and the shade of the trees on a bright, sunny day are God.
  4. That inspiration like that of the sun, to peep through the dark clouds and enlighten the self and the world is the God.
  5. IT is the power to move ahead irrespective of what may come and what may go!

Its existence is infinite and there is a need to imbibe that infinity in oneself to get to know the infinity of light, the infinity of Goodness, the power of our might and the infinite existence of our own SELF.

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