And Happiness will find its way!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Memories for Life……!!!

When life gives us a hard strike,

When things seem a bit out of place,

When troubles continuously hit us on the face,

Sometimes, memories will help us find 100 other ways.

Sometimes, they fill our hearts with joy,

They make us feel a bit glad,

But, sometimes, may bring a tear in our eyes,

Sometimes, make us feel a bit sad!

Sad that we have grown up,

And the things are just not the same,

Glad that since we have grown up,

We still have a handful of moments,

To collect and put them in a frame!

On a rainy day, while sitting by my window, 

With a cup of coffee in my hand,

I was trying to recall some beautiful laughs,

That has put indelible imprints on my heart’s land.

Those fights over the lunch,

On a college parapet, that sitting idly for hours,

Some memories sweet, some sour,

Those moments that were and will always be ours.

That laughs those tears together,

That meeting after a long time and realizing,

“We are brothers from different mothers ;)”

Those tight hugs,

In sadness or in joy,

Those beautiful friendship mugs,

Earlier, which were the most precious gifts,

But now are merely showroom toys.    

That inexpressible fun of triple sawaari on the scooty,

That happiness one gets on bursting the packets of fruity, :p

Yeah! That was my way of making a rhyme, :D

And I know it was really bad, 

But, yes these are the moments,

That sometimes makes us feel a bit glad,

And sometimes really sad!

Do you remember that tearful laughter?

And in the middle of the joke,

Comes a promise with a hug,

To remain the same, forever and ever after.

Those old childhood photographs,

And talking about those moments together,

Brings with it a bunch of happiness and some sorrow,

With a heart bearing a wish,

May the things remain the same, today and tomorrow!

But change is a constant thing,

That brings a bucket of fear,

Yes, we are going to enjoy the change,

With a bottle of beer. ;)

Remember the college and the first day?

The bright, shining new faces,

Who knew that the bonds would be tied forever?

That began with just ‘hey’.

Those monotonous lectures,

Those ideas of bunking classes,

Those endless talks,

Those beautiful walks,

Those little fights,

Those classrooms bright. 

That game of truth and dare, 

That act of reserving the chair,

I still have much more to write,

But I guess the poem is getting too long,

May the memories keep on flowing from my pen,

So that we have something to cherish upon,

They will remain with us and in our heart,

All life, all along!!

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