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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Live Your Life With Your Own Style!

Have we ever tried to wonder that in the yearning to always remain ahead of the game, or the craving to reach at the top or to fill the pockets with loads of money, we somewhere forget to live our life with a style, that is unique, that is eternal and in a way that is truly happy? It is a common observation to see that people crave for riches of the world but at the same time, they may not know the fact that their hearts are getting deprived of the most essential richness, and that is happiness.

We began our race to search for our unique identity, to search for the leader in ourselves in the group of herds. But, in reality, yes, the bitter truth is that we began to be different but end up being the same. We began our journey to stand apart from the crowd but end up becoming the part of that same crowd. In the journey, to find a place for our individuality, we lose what we are and what we were. In simple words, I would like to say that the way we need to lead our life and the way, we, in reality, lead it, are two distinct poles and we need to fill this gap. This must be done so that one can say with their heads held high, yes! I am living my life, yes! I am happy because I chose it my way. This is my lifestyle! I live it differently! I live it unique and it defines ‘me’. I am proud of it.

What my perception says that we must lead our life in a way that it becomes inspiration for others, a ray of hope for the hopeless, the shade of trees for the homeless. It is said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Taking into consideration this notion, this is the point to begin, to break free from the regular, monotonous schedule we have been living and lead our life in the way we want to; to do what we want to do, to do what makes us happy. No! I don’t mean to say that one must leave their jobs and follow their dreams. My notion is that we begin to walk on a certain a way to see our dreams turning to reality but then somewhere, we forget to chase our dreams because minting money becomes an important factor. Somewhere, we forget to remember why we began our journey. Sometimes, we give no importance to the fact that only a good health can give us more wealth.

Therefore, we must choose our way of life, the way which defines us by never restricting ourselves to follow our dreams. The regular, mundane schedule must not make you dull but early morning exercises, practising yoga, meditation must rejuvenate your day to fill that spirit of liveliness in you once again. Go on vacations once in a while, with your friends, family or make a solo trip, as it is always said, “You can always make money but you won’t get time to make memories again.” Give time for the things you like, let’s say reading, singing, cooking or anything. Once in a while, stop yourself from running in the race, sit, take a deep breath and do nothing, listen to music, sing the songs along and just be happy.

 It is not always necessary to follow a schedule, yes it is important to some extent but just remember that life means collecting memories, the haphazard moments of happiness and sadness. Take out your childhood scrap book for once in a while, browse through your old photographs with your cousins and feel simply happy. Remember the countless moments spent together and this is assured that you would be surely left with a smile on your cheek and tears in your eyes. Go to your high school, meet old friends, meet your professors and enjoy the essence of that moment.

Lifestyle is not about living your life what the world states as “style” but it is about living your life what you call your own style. Do what makes your heart happy, do what makes your soul fulfilled. Do well to others and feel the goodness in you. Live your life with a smile that is beautiful and with a style that is eternal!


  1. Completely agree! Nicely put forward and almost makes you feel like immediately heeding to the words to break free. Good job ! :D

  2. Completely agree! Nicely put forward and almost makes you feel like immediately heeding to the words to break free. Good job ! :D