And Happiness will find its way!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

“Some” times….!!

The path that we choose to walk upon, 
Sometimes appears like a bed of flowers,
But the other times covered with thorns,
And is completely torn!
But still, we choose to move on.

The path may break us,
But still, we mayn't know,
That path, that only path, will, in reality,
Make us!

Sometimes, all you need is a leap of faith,
Sometimes, all you need is the belief,
That soon, under the shade of love,
The soul will find its relief.

Sometimes, all you need is the love to love yourself,
And when your soul feels shattered,
Sometimes, all you need is the power to hold tight your own “self”.

Sometimes, you will find your eyes filled with tears,
Sometimes, you will find your heart filled with fears,
Sometimes, you may find the pain unable to bear,
But sometimes, it’s only you who needs to put together the broken pieces and
Say ‘cheers’ with two bottles of freshly brewed ‘beer’! ;)

Sometimes, when you will look up in the sky,
You may find it gloomy and dark.
But no, sometimes, you need a different vision, to lie down and just sigh,
You will find that somewhere, some ray of light has left its mark.

You will find the stars shining bright,
You may find the hope alive again,
You may find within you, that blissful light,
Its soothing touch will relieve you of your pain.

Sometimes, life will break you down,
But the other times, you need to raise yourself up again,
And say, “yes, I will wear the crown!”
The crown of smile, the crown of laughter,
The crown of joy, shining in your eyes ever after.

Sometimes, you may find the path trodden,
Sometimes, you may feel the scorching heat,
Then, the other times, there is a sudden shower of rain,
That you will meet.

That relieving shower,
Will fill you with power,
Will ease the burden of soul,
Like the petals of a blossoming flower.

The path is still trodden,
The destination is still far,
But, now the way is easy,
It’s like the trodden path has given birth to the flower daisy.

Sometimes, you may fear the change,
“What ifs” will fret you like hell,
It is only you who must evade the cloud of “what ifs”
Put the hand on your heart and say, “all is well.”

You must not fear the change,
The change must fear you,
Sometimes, the tide of time,
May appear to wash you away,
Learn to swim and it won’t break you.

Sometimes, you will search for a helping hand,
But remember, it is at the end of your own arm,
When thunderstorm scares you,
Only you can say yourself, “just don't worry, keep calm.”

You will face these "times",
But remember, “some” is always following it,
Make them sound beautiful as the wind chimes,
Give it a facepalm and enjoy its every bit.

Don’t repent it with loud cries,
But fare them well with sweet goodbyes!! :)

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  1. Yes this is what if we stay with strongly belief, if we love ourself then somewhere at weakest point we come out of it. And our crucial time does not overburdened with our expectations which are not accomplished. So we get courage to spread happiness once again. Well done . Pratibha