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Friday, 15 April 2016

Beautiful 'SHE'!!

It's her wish to be called "beautiful"
It's her soul that wants to smile through the depths of her eyes.
She was told, "beauty lies in perfection."
But she believed, "imperfection is beautiful."
The faults she was born with,
the loopholes she believed she had,
do not make her 'insignificant'
but different!
That makes her graceful, that makes her beautiful!
She is gorgeous for the love she poured in every relation,
She is beautiful for the little joys that fills her heart with elation!
She is just perfect for the imperfections she had,
She is beautiful for her ability to smile, though deep inside,
she was a bit sad!
Beautiful is that little daughter,
who brings bucket full of joy with her laughter
who puts all her energy she has,
in relieving the headache of her dad!

Beautiful is that sister,
who yells and who fights
but cannot bear her brother to remain out of her sight!
who spends her entire day for him, to bake,
but deliberately leaves her favourite, delicious,chocolate, last piece of cake. :p

Beautiful is that girlfriend,
who spends her entire day,
in preparing the most special gift,
for his most special day, his birthday! :D

Beautiful is that college going girl,
with aspiring dreams in her eyes,
and is ready to paint the world!

Beautiful is that wife,
who promises to stay through all the ups and downs of life.
Beautiful is that mother, whose beauty enhances with her unconditional love,
That one pure soul, whose beauty is above the beauty of beauty all above.

Beautiful is that pretty lady,
who takes care of her family,
before leaving for work,
to find herself, forgetting all pain,
to find herself dancing in the rain,
and to be herself once again!

Beautiful is that ambitious girl,
who stays away from her family,
for whom she is a precious pearl,
who wants to travel the world,
and wants to fulfil her dreams,
by being a girl!

Beautiful is that girl with glasses,
who looks at the world through her own lens,
with a vision so new and refreshing,
with a perspective so deep and so dense.

Stunning is that lady in Salwar kameez,
because of the relief in her sighs,
when she sees dreams with her open eyes.
She looks alluring,
because of her smile,
she doesn't believe the world
but believes in her own style.

Beauty is our perception,
being beautiful is our own choice,
it is hidden in our dreams,
it shines in our eyes,
it lives in the enlightened soul,
it enhances with sweet, dimpled smiles! :)


  1. Beautiful is the lady who has delivered her words to all around so tht we can understand- o waw how beautiful we are. Amazed Pratibha.

  2. Very well said and written pratibha...all women are simply incomparable with their counterparts.. They are much above them..

    1. Thanku :) her beauty lies in her heart

  3. Amazingly written. Concisely encapsulates so many attributes related to a woman in a single page. Keep it up ! :)

    1. Thanku so much for your appreciation! :)