And Happiness will find its way!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Life, Dosti etc. etc.!

Just like the ringing sound of wind chimes,
Just like the freshness of the blooming flowers, 
Friendship is the bundle of memories, 
some sweet but some sour,
but the imprints of happiness it showers!

The word 'relations', yes! exactly the same,
A perfect blend of different emotions, fills this name.
But, friends are those people few, 
who make entry in our lives to make it serene as the morning dew!

Some relations, we do not understand,
some relations, we do not want to understand, 
But, it's true that we all are tied to one another,
with some invisible knots,
some beautiful, yet some inseparable thoughts!
some inexpressible zeal,
some immaterial deal.

Relations are like, some unsaid promises,
some unbreakable vows,
soft as the morning dew,
 on the petals of rose!

The colours of relations spread their magic,
A beautiful spread as soft as dove,
But, amongst all, the most radiant one, 
is the colour of friendship and the colour of love!

Love, dosti etc. etc. is not our destination, or our goal,
because achieving a goal, disables us to dream more,
rather it's a continuous path, a beautiful endless way,
Of our life, the brightest, sunny day,
that arrives with an imperfect mix of different emotions, 
something that cannot be judged with profit and loss equations!

It comes with a guarantee that happiness is its part, 
a way where happiness lay,
a relation in which we talk much, but still have lot more to say.
It is that sea of emotions, in which we deliberately drown ourselves,
But, still, we want to stay,
It is just that way!

Friendship - as refreshing as the freshly brewed beer,
that deepens with a pinch of smile and the drop of tear,
It is to cheer with the bottles of beer!

It is that happiness unmatched,
it is that endless smiles together, 
a knot with a prayer and a wish, 
to stay together, to stay forever!

It is a celebration of affection,
a true mix of different emotions,
it is that relation!

In the dark room, which helps us to see the beam of light,
strengthening us in the dark phase, 
so that we can get up and fight!

It makes us smile,
It helps us laugh,
It makes us cry,
It boosts us so that once again, we may try!

It gives us joy, it helps us to enjoy,
It gives us pain, but lets us to dance in the rain!
Yes, it is friendship that gifts us the bright, sunny days, 
Yes, it is friendship which showers upon us, the beams of magical rays!

It is the magic and the colour of love, 
with its gentle touch and the softness of dove!

Everyone says, the journey of life is all ours,
But, it is the bundle of memories that friendship showers,
unforgettable till the end,
too strong to get easily bend!

Like the continuous flow of water is our own world, 
in that vast sea, a friend is the beacon of light,
a hope of a bright, new life,
a stick that helps us to swim to the shore,
it is the relation of hearts and affection resides in its core!

Life needs love to live,
friendship keeps with itself, plenty of love to give!
Its magic lies in spreading smiles, 
It's a promise to walk together for miles and miles.

it makes its own world of truth,
that adds life to your days,
It is friendship, which towards, life and love,
opens up several ways!

Dosti embraces in itself, 
those tight hugs,
sitting together with coffee mugs ;)
that rejoicing laughter, 
hiding a deep promise, 
to be there, forever and ever after!

Those endless talks, 
those beautiful walks,
that tear of joy,
that happiness which comes with the habit to annoy!

That silent promise from eyes, "don't worry, all will be well!"
That moment of meeting after years and simply yell!
It is to care,
It fills us with courage to dare!

It helps us to dance in the rain,
to rejoice with the endless talks, 
and a bottle of champagne !

What else can I say,
It's a relation that comes with a package of memories,
for us to be happy,
to scream, to gleam,
and last but not the least, 


  1. Life needs love to live,
    friendship keeps with itself, plenty of love to give!
    Its magic lies in spreading smiles,
    It's a promise to walk together for miles and miles.

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