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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Dare to Dream, Dream to dare!

You all must have heard this at some instance of your life, "don't wait for a perfect moment, but take the moment and make it perfect." My aim of writing this blog is not to teach anybody because I guess, they would know much better about their lives and themselves. But, what persuaded me to write this is the notion that, somewhere amidst our regular monotonous schedule, and somewhere in the race to earn the daily bread, we tend to forget the reason, why we began this race. We tend to forget, that although we are running fast but why have we slowed down our pace towards accomplishing our dreams, we just fail to remember that although we are fully prepared but why are we unable to deal with the situations, we face.
My perception portrays that the answer to all these mind boggling questions lies in a simple phrase and that is

"Dare to dream, dream to dare."

It is a common observation these days that every single soul has got weighed down by the desire to earn loads of money that they began their path to be "different" but at the end, they become a part of being" same." This is the reason why you must dare to dream and dream to be different!
We all must have got a pinch of smile on our faces when we observe the grace of rainbow or by wondering about the extravagant colors of a butterfly, or that perfect melange of colors of nature's beauty. Imagine if the rainbow was not the splendid spread of seven colors, would be able to experience that peace and joy on beholding it? It is said that true happiness lies in nature's lap,  it is because of the magic and splendor that every color spreads that its single glimpse provides that peace of mind and serenity to every single soul.

My perception holds that like nature, every human being is of a different color and carries a different aura with oneself, we merely need to appreciate this difference and respect that distinctness. Just like the beauty of a garden enhances with the blend of different colors of flowers, the bloom of this world enhances with the different shades of different people.
There is need to take a break and come out of the symmetry and regularity of lives we have been living and dare to bring out our that distinctness, we all are born with, that uniqueness we all possess, we all have the need to dare to dream, dare to bring our dreams to reality and dare to dream again. Being unique and exquisite will not only add a different shade to our own world but will give a different color to this world!

We all need to dream to fly, dream till infinity because dreams are boundless and to dream means to be free, to fly, to feel, to enjoy! There is a very famous quote from John Green's Fault in our stars and that is, "Some infinities are more than infinities."
I think the notion is quite simple and clear, we need to dream till infinity and dream to live till infinity. This can only be accomplished if we find time for ourselves, time for things we want to do, time for dreams we want to chase, time to find ourselves lost in thoughts and find ourselves while lost in thoughts, time to listen to what our hearts want to say, time to follow our own self and our own dreams rather than following the world. Once you dream and put all your vigor to bring them to reality, there is no looking back because of course, there can be no looking back.":)

Can we ever think of a joy greater than the happiness we receive after seeing our dreams turning to reality and that happiness one feels is eternal.
Now, is the time to bring your fascination to work a little and to wonder how it paints your soul and will help us reach our goal. Have we ever wondered that nature is continuously teaching us something and we need to clear our clouded vision to understand what it actually wants to say!

For instance, it is only in the darkness of night that the stars shine bright which can be envisaged as beacons of light, a vision of goal, a beautiful sight, soothing the soul! In the same manner, the human self shines bright and becomes aware of one's capabilities when goes through the darkest phase of life.
Similarly, as water falls from a great height, it keeps on moving till it reaches its destination. Or the wonderful sight of rainbow after heavy rainfall, all these instances justify P.B. Shelley's perception from Ode to the West Wind, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind." These instances will not only inspire us to remain ahead of the curve but also rejuvenates us, to keep on moving, what may come or go, to keep on dreaming and give oneself a chance to grow.

I guess, I have been able to accomplish my aim to a little extent, to fill you with the brightest beam, to gleam so that you can dream, to fly, to sigh and to see dreams with an open eye, to feel the rain, to feel the pain, to smile, to dance and just to take a chance!!

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