And Happiness will find its way!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Does God Exist?

There is no denying the fact that at some point of time in our lives, this question must have made a place in our thoughts, “does God exist?” Our forefathers have put in front of ourselves, a fixed perception of God, in the form of idols, in temples or in Gurudwaras, Churches and Mosques. Or we can say that we have been shaped by these customs to accept this given notion or perception of God as the Ultimate Truth.

But still, at the back of our minds, somewhere, this ambiguity has been lurking unresolved. We may believe it or not but our sub consciousness is still searching for the answer to this question. The aim of writing this blog is not to put another fixed notion of God’s existence but I am just trying to put forward my own perception, what according to me, is the true meaning of GOD. To put it in really simple terms, “God is the Goodness of Self.” IT is that shapeless, formless presence,  that Humanity, that Truth, that Power, that Knowledge, that brilliance of Light, within our own Self and that ray of positivity, we all are born with, is God.

Okay, let me try to elaborate further and try to explain what I really want to explain. We visit these sacred places, and without a shadow of doubt, visiting them provides us that peace of mind and that serenity and helps us to stick to the belief of some positive existence. But, would I be wrong in saying that praying to the idols and keeping a firm belief in them, is a way of believing in the ‘other’ rather than keeping the faith in the beauty of the ‘self’. For recognising the real ‘we’, the real ‘me’, the true ‘I’ through the light of the inner ‘eye’, it is important to listen to our inner voices before listening to the voice that the world is forcing us to listen. Or what I really mean to say is that one must recognise one’s true self that one is born with rather than identifying that ‘self’ through the ‘other.'

Through this, I just would like to cater my opinion by saying that visiting these sacred places, simply helps us to light more candles to the cake of humanity, we have already iced, with our goodness. “Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities,” yes! That is true! Goodness residing in our hearts and our soul is infinite but there is a need to recognise a bit of it in order to reach the infinite existence, which is God.

God is the beacon of light in the dark sea; It is the pinch of love that unites us into ‘we’. If God is wind’s mighty power, It is the soothing and refreshing rain shower. If God resides in our parent’s love, It is the ultimate truth and the true essence all above. If It is hidden in the bright, sunny ray of light, It is hidden in our self, in our own might. It is the mesmerising, breathtaking beauty of nature, it’s just a single glance that encourages us to give our own self, one other, just another chance. If it lies in the heights of the mountains, It lies in the depths of the sea.  

God lies in the nature and is constantly teaching us, “Be like the wind, Be me, Be free.” The perception of God is not necessarily and merely limited to visiting these sacred places. But undoubtedly, these places strengthen our belief in the Almighty. At the same time, it would be inappropriate to say that these places create/generate our vision in God.

We all need to generate that perception and that belief in God, from within the self, by believing in the power of truth and of course the goodness of self.  In other words, we need to build the pillars of this notion by believing in the power of self. Anything, anyone who helps us to listen to our inner voice and who enables us to walk again, to dream again and to live again, is the goodness and anyone that restores our faith in humanity is the God.  

God is the symbol of rejuvenation of life, it is an epitome of rebirth, and its essence lies in the hope, in the light of the sun, in the might of the sun. IT is that inspiration which helps us to breathe fresh, to breathe again and of course to live again. IT is that power which helps us to erase negativity so that a positive ray of hope is able to find its way. If it lies in the warmth of the daylight, IT lies in the calmness of night. The other name of unconditional love, the care and the affection is God. IT lies in the infinite beauty of little things. For instance,

  1. A small beam of light entering the dark room not only enlightens it but also clears our clouded vision is a sign that the darkness of life evades away instantly as we make way for another ray of hope in our lives.
  2. Similarly, even if the seeds get buried in the ground with the force of the strong wind, they will begin to germinate with the first shower of rain.
  3. The cozy warmth of the sun on a wintry morning and the shade of the trees on a bright, sunny day are God.
  4. That inspiration like that of the sun, to peep through the dark clouds and enlighten the self and the world is the God.
  5. IT is the power to move ahead irrespective of what may come and what may go!

Its existence is infinite and there is a need to imbibe that infinity in oneself to get to know the infinity of light, the infinity of Goodness, the power of our might and the infinite existence of our own SELF.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Memories for Life……!!!

When life gives us a hard strike,

When things seem a bit out of place,

When troubles continuously hit us on the face,

Sometimes, memories will help us find 100 other ways.

Sometimes, they fill our hearts with joy,

They make us feel a bit glad,

But, sometimes, may bring a tear in our eyes,

Sometimes, make us feel a bit sad!

Sad that we have grown up,

And the things are just not the same,

Glad that since we have grown up,

We still have a handful of moments,

To collect and put them in a frame!

On a rainy day, while sitting by my window, 

With a cup of coffee in my hand,

I was trying to recall some beautiful laughs,

That has put indelible imprints on my heart’s land.

Those fights over the lunch,

On a college parapet, that sitting idly for hours,

Some memories sweet, some sour,

Those moments that were and will always be ours.

That laughs those tears together,

That meeting after a long time and realizing,

“We are brothers from different mothers ;)”

Those tight hugs,

In sadness or in joy,

Those beautiful friendship mugs,

Earlier, which were the most precious gifts,

But now are merely showroom toys.    

That inexpressible fun of triple sawaari on the scooty,

That happiness one gets on bursting the packets of fruity, :p

Yeah! That was my way of making a rhyme, :D

And I know it was really bad, 

But, yes these are the moments,

That sometimes makes us feel a bit glad,

And sometimes really sad!

Do you remember that tearful laughter?

And in the middle of the joke,

Comes a promise with a hug,

To remain the same, forever and ever after.

Those old childhood photographs,

And talking about those moments together,

Brings with it a bunch of happiness and some sorrow,

With a heart bearing a wish,

May the things remain the same, today and tomorrow!

But change is a constant thing,

That brings a bucket of fear,

Yes, we are going to enjoy the change,

With a bottle of beer. ;)

Remember the college and the first day?

The bright, shining new faces,

Who knew that the bonds would be tied forever?

That began with just ‘hey’.

Those monotonous lectures,

Those ideas of bunking classes,

Those endless talks,

Those beautiful walks,

Those little fights,

Those classrooms bright. 

That game of truth and dare, 

That act of reserving the chair,

I still have much more to write,

But I guess the poem is getting too long,

May the memories keep on flowing from my pen,

So that we have something to cherish upon,

They will remain with us and in our heart,

All life, all along!!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Live Your Life With Your Own Style!

Have we ever tried to wonder that in the yearning to always remain ahead of the game, or the craving to reach at the top or to fill the pockets with loads of money, we somewhere forget to live our life with a style, that is unique, that is eternal and in a way that is truly happy? It is a common observation to see that people crave for riches of the world but at the same time, they may not know the fact that their hearts are getting deprived of the most essential richness, and that is happiness.

We began our race to search for our unique identity, to search for the leader in ourselves in the group of herds. But, in reality, yes, the bitter truth is that we began to be different but end up being the same. We began our journey to stand apart from the crowd but end up becoming the part of that same crowd. In the journey, to find a place for our individuality, we lose what we are and what we were. In simple words, I would like to say that the way we need to lead our life and the way, we, in reality, lead it, are two distinct poles and we need to fill this gap. This must be done so that one can say with their heads held high, yes! I am living my life, yes! I am happy because I chose it my way. This is my lifestyle! I live it differently! I live it unique and it defines ‘me’. I am proud of it.

What my perception says that we must lead our life in a way that it becomes inspiration for others, a ray of hope for the hopeless, the shade of trees for the homeless. It is said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Taking into consideration this notion, this is the point to begin, to break free from the regular, monotonous schedule we have been living and lead our life in the way we want to; to do what we want to do, to do what makes us happy. No! I don’t mean to say that one must leave their jobs and follow their dreams. My notion is that we begin to walk on a certain a way to see our dreams turning to reality but then somewhere, we forget to chase our dreams because minting money becomes an important factor. Somewhere, we forget to remember why we began our journey. Sometimes, we give no importance to the fact that only a good health can give us more wealth.

Therefore, we must choose our way of life, the way which defines us by never restricting ourselves to follow our dreams. The regular, mundane schedule must not make you dull but early morning exercises, practising yoga, meditation must rejuvenate your day to fill that spirit of liveliness in you once again. Go on vacations once in a while, with your friends, family or make a solo trip, as it is always said, “You can always make money but you won’t get time to make memories again.” Give time for the things you like, let’s say reading, singing, cooking or anything. Once in a while, stop yourself from running in the race, sit, take a deep breath and do nothing, listen to music, sing the songs along and just be happy.

 It is not always necessary to follow a schedule, yes it is important to some extent but just remember that life means collecting memories, the haphazard moments of happiness and sadness. Take out your childhood scrap book for once in a while, browse through your old photographs with your cousins and feel simply happy. Remember the countless moments spent together and this is assured that you would be surely left with a smile on your cheek and tears in your eyes. Go to your high school, meet old friends, meet your professors and enjoy the essence of that moment.

Lifestyle is not about living your life what the world states as “style” but it is about living your life what you call your own style. Do what makes your heart happy, do what makes your soul fulfilled. Do well to others and feel the goodness in you. Live your life with a smile that is beautiful and with a style that is eternal!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

“Some” times….!!

The path that we choose to walk upon, 
Sometimes appears like a bed of flowers,
But the other times covered with thorns,
And is completely torn!
But still, we choose to move on.

The path may break us,
But still, we mayn't know,
That path, that only path, will, in reality,
Make us!

Sometimes, all you need is a leap of faith,
Sometimes, all you need is the belief,
That soon, under the shade of love,
The soul will find its relief.

Sometimes, all you need is the love to love yourself,
And when your soul feels shattered,
Sometimes, all you need is the power to hold tight your own “self”.

Sometimes, you will find your eyes filled with tears,
Sometimes, you will find your heart filled with fears,
Sometimes, you may find the pain unable to bear,
But sometimes, it’s only you who needs to put together the broken pieces and
Say ‘cheers’ with two bottles of freshly brewed ‘beer’! ;)

Sometimes, when you will look up in the sky,
You may find it gloomy and dark.
But no, sometimes, you need a different vision, to lie down and just sigh,
You will find that somewhere, some ray of light has left its mark.

You will find the stars shining bright,
You may find the hope alive again,
You may find within you, that blissful light,
Its soothing touch will relieve you of your pain.

Sometimes, life will break you down,
But the other times, you need to raise yourself up again,
And say, “yes, I will wear the crown!”
The crown of smile, the crown of laughter,
The crown of joy, shining in your eyes ever after.

Sometimes, you may find the path trodden,
Sometimes, you may feel the scorching heat,
Then, the other times, there is a sudden shower of rain,
That you will meet.

That relieving shower,
Will fill you with power,
Will ease the burden of soul,
Like the petals of a blossoming flower.

The path is still trodden,
The destination is still far,
But, now the way is easy,
It’s like the trodden path has given birth to the flower daisy.

Sometimes, you may fear the change,
“What ifs” will fret you like hell,
It is only you who must evade the cloud of “what ifs”
Put the hand on your heart and say, “all is well.”

You must not fear the change,
The change must fear you,
Sometimes, the tide of time,
May appear to wash you away,
Learn to swim and it won’t break you.

Sometimes, you will search for a helping hand,
But remember, it is at the end of your own arm,
When thunderstorm scares you,
Only you can say yourself, “just don't worry, keep calm.”

You will face these "times",
But remember, “some” is always following it,
Make them sound beautiful as the wind chimes,
Give it a facepalm and enjoy its every bit.

Don’t repent it with loud cries,
But fare them well with sweet goodbyes!! :)

Friday, 15 April 2016

Beautiful 'SHE'!!

It's her wish to be called "beautiful"
It's her soul that wants to smile through the depths of her eyes.
She was told, "beauty lies in perfection."
But she believed, "imperfection is beautiful."
The faults she was born with,
the loopholes she believed she had,
do not make her 'insignificant'
but different!
That makes her graceful, that makes her beautiful!
She is gorgeous for the love she poured in every relation,
She is beautiful for the little joys that fills her heart with elation!
She is just perfect for the imperfections she had,
She is beautiful for her ability to smile, though deep inside,
she was a bit sad!
Beautiful is that little daughter,
who brings bucket full of joy with her laughter
who puts all her energy she has,
in relieving the headache of her dad!

Beautiful is that sister,
who yells and who fights
but cannot bear her brother to remain out of her sight!
who spends her entire day for him, to bake,
but deliberately leaves her favourite, delicious,chocolate, last piece of cake. :p

Beautiful is that girlfriend,
who spends her entire day,
in preparing the most special gift,
for his most special day, his birthday! :D

Beautiful is that college going girl,
with aspiring dreams in her eyes,
and is ready to paint the world!

Beautiful is that wife,
who promises to stay through all the ups and downs of life.
Beautiful is that mother, whose beauty enhances with her unconditional love,
That one pure soul, whose beauty is above the beauty of beauty all above.

Beautiful is that pretty lady,
who takes care of her family,
before leaving for work,
to find herself, forgetting all pain,
to find herself dancing in the rain,
and to be herself once again!

Beautiful is that ambitious girl,
who stays away from her family,
for whom she is a precious pearl,
who wants to travel the world,
and wants to fulfil her dreams,
by being a girl!

Beautiful is that girl with glasses,
who looks at the world through her own lens,
with a vision so new and refreshing,
with a perspective so deep and so dense.

Stunning is that lady in Salwar kameez,
because of the relief in her sighs,
when she sees dreams with her open eyes.
She looks alluring,
because of her smile,
she doesn't believe the world
but believes in her own style.

Beauty is our perception,
being beautiful is our own choice,
it is hidden in our dreams,
it shines in our eyes,
it lives in the enlightened soul,
it enhances with sweet, dimpled smiles! :)